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A structure calls for a Restoration when general maintenance is not enough or has been neglected for years. 


This can be due to but not limited to:

-cheap stain &/or sealants (caulking/chinking)

-lack of stain &/or sealants

-misuse of or failure to adhere to application instructions for stain &/or sealants

-failure to wash/clean log surface of mold/algae and dirt

-failure to do annual checks of home's weather resistance 

-failure to keep gutters clean and water/snow from sitting on logs

-large 1/4+in cracks/checks unsealed that hold water

-over exposure to direct intense sunlight for long periods of time

-insect infestation either from logs that were not kiln-dried before construction or were not protected after construction

-failure to accommodate for settling or adjusting FULL LOG structures in key areas

-allowing vegetation to touch or grow on structure

-natural disasters

This list is not to scare you but to inform you that proper log care should be taken at the beginning. Can you Restore your home yourself?... Can you do your own dental work or cut your own hair? You can, but your results will be based on your knowledge and experience. 

Here are a few projects done locally...

Davis Lodge on Lake Bloomington, Bloomington, IL

This city owned ~3,000sf Full Log Lodge was not maintained for 20 years. Logs had no stain left on the sun torched and mold surfaced logs. Water was running over gutters onto facia and promoting mold. The front gabled covered entryway was not adjusted and logs walls have settled below and away from support post headers. Lack of or missing caulk was letting water, air and sunlight through walls. This now Restored Lodge's logs are fixed, re-stained and re-sealed. The Lodge is used for weddings, events, parties, and family gatherings on the shores of beautiful Lake Bloomington. For information on booking an event click here...

Full Log Interior Restoration - Morton, IL area

This home was damaged by demo crews during transition to new home owners. The aged knotty pine interior walls and inner exterior full log walls needed scratches and gouges removed and then blended with surrounding walls so there wasn't a noticeable distance in color tone. This was a long tedious job but turned out great.

Half Log Exterior Restoration - Henry, IL area

Homeowner needed some half log replacement as well as a heavy cleaning, caulk removal and replacement, as well as new stain. 

Full Log Exterior Restoration - Chillicothe, IL area

Home has not been maintained for over 15 years. There was also lack of sealant between log courses and corner sections. No log replacement was needed but it was very close to costing alot more if nothing was done. 

Full Log Exterior Restoration - Custer Park, IL area

Home has not been maintained for over from the time it was build. There was also lack of sealant between log courses, corner sections and around roof to log connections due to Full Log settling. Bats were able to enter the home. Huge Half Logs were used to repair parts of the garage.  

Full Log Exterior Restoration - Oregon, IL area

This home was showing signs of neglect until the new owner contacted us. Caulk/Sealant failures caused rot within the full log walls and around the window's sills. We Blasted the stain and rot off, repaired logs with Homeowner's spare half and full logs, and replaced all of the caulking. She wanted to keep close to the original stain color with a slight contrast in caulk color. Turned out great! Another great homeowner we've had the chance to work with.  

Too Many Maintenance and Restoration pictures to publish

Full Log Exterior Restoration - Secor, IL area

Partial Log Exterior Restoration - Elpaso, IL area

Log Home Cleaning, Caulking, Staining - Sherman, IL area

Log Home Staining -  Princeville, IL area

Full Log Cleaning and Staining - Washburn, IL area

Half Log Partial Re-Staining, Rail Replace - Congerville, IL area

Log Home Staining/Caulking, Stone Chimnies- Yorkville, IL area

(TWO) Log Homes Staining/Caulking - Macomb, IL area

Full Log Exterior Restoration - Mackinaw, IL area

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