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Apart from proper construction and log finishing methods, routine maintenance is very important. There have been a lot of questions and concerns about the log home industry's maintenance needs. Most of these negative stories are derived by homeowners who choose to purchase low quality cheap products to preserve and protect their homes.
I give the example of an owner of a beautiful sports car that paints it with can spray paint. Of course that is ridiculous. That person spent a lot of money on that car. Why would he ruin it just to save a few bucks up front?... The same goes for log homes. The quality stain and caulk/chinking need to be part of the budget plan. Fixing a log home where low quality products used almost always means a big bill to reapply or restore in the very near future. Am I saying quality stains last forever? By all means, No. But I am saying that in the life of the log home the quality stain will save far more money in the long run.
Think of it as changing the oil in your car. Yes your car can run a while when the oil change is past due, but go too long and your looking at fixing the engine if you want to keep the car. 
I personally love the warm feel and intoxicating aroma when getting up close to the logs. I honestly fall in love with and appreciate the beauty of the home each time I rinse it off or touch up some finish. Hey, maybe I should do this for a living...o wait!
With all kidding aside, quality stain and sealant companies offer maintenance tips and schedules with details on what to do and when to save you money. If your home keeps looking good, their stain keeps looking good! If you want help with this I am one click away...

Past Maintenance Project Photos 
Too many projects to pulish!

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