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This is us!

Our Story... 

David and Jennifer Aurbeck built their first home with Expedition. They started with a simple floor plan they found. With ideas from some of Expedition's greatest designs, the couple helped customize the perfect size home to meet their budget and needs for now and the furture. With David taking on a large part of the whole process of the design and build, it inspired Expedition to bring him aboard as a Dealer & Authorized Manufacturer's Representative to be Your guide through the same process you will soon go through building with Expedition Log Homes! 

David is also owner of Perfect Log Homes LLC.

Perfect Logs Homes LLC provides:

-General Contracting


-Custom Services including but not limited to:

    -Reclaimed Barnwood, Log, and Rustic doors, furniture, floors, accents and accessories. 

-Skilled sub-contractors

-Top Quality materials


Custom Live Edge Slabs & Kiln Drying Services open to Public!


*Perfect Log Homes LLC is a seperate business from the Expedition Log Home Dealership. 




Hi, Welcome  to your




Planning a new home can be trumped only                                                                      by planning a...

                                                               Log Home! 


If you'd like to alter any of our homes

                         to accomodate your desires...

                                          we can do that with you.


Whether your looking for 

                                 Grand     or




           For...               Business

                                        Log Accents




the design team with work with you


                                            to find out what

                                    You Want


                     and transform it into what

                                                           You'll Have



 Visit the CONTACT US page and

                            we'll hear from you soon!




To Learn more about Expedition Log Homes LLC, LOG PROFILES, Services, and what will be
included in your Package...

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