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Don't Ask for Cheap...
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How bad is it? Does it need a heavy cleaning or a "down to bare wood ReDo"?

Don't skim on this step. Good Prep is the best way to ensure you get the most out of your expensive stain. Like I always tell people, "you don't want to paint a rusty car."

Heavy Washing:

This entails a pressure washer ~3000psi at a range of 6-4inches close to the log to remove most all of old stains* and partially grey wood. To get close enough to do any good at removal, it is almost certain that softwood logs will require sanding afterwards. The condition of the stain or logs needing cleaned will determine the prep required post washing and prior to staining. 

*Heavy washing alone does not guarantee all the stain will come off in all placed, especially where the stain is still in good condition.  



Media Blasting:

Let's be Honest... We don't want to media blast your logs anymore than you do. As good as the guys are at doing it, it is still messy and expensive. We use recycled window pane glass media because it doesn't rot inside the small cracks in your logs like Organic materials like Corn Cobs or Walnuts, and it just looks like sand in areas that are hard to clean up. Most people want us to put the used glass media in the kids sandbox or at the beach by the lake or pond. Yea, it's that safe and very similar to sand but without the cancer causing silica. No, we are not blasting shards of broken glass at you home!

--Here is when we have to...

Did someone do the unthinkable and Paint your logs?!!! 

Do you want to switch stain colors?

Have your logs been bare too long and are very grey? 

Do you just want very good absorption of the new stain?

Are you afraid of a heavy washing getting water inside the leaks needing fixed?

--Here is when we can't...

Is your stain a deep penetrating type where the color may be deeper than the layers of wood we could remove?

Do you live in an area that won't allow such a dust storm?

Did someone smear caulk all over the surface of the logs prior to staining?...Ask us why we need to ask that question lol.

Chemical Stripping:

Is it safe to be splashing chemicals all over the place? Well, that's a loaded questions. Short answer is, Yes. With what we use it is Eco-friendly. Is it cheaper than Media Blasting? In some cases it could be, yes. It takes time for the product to work and it could take more than one application to eat through the layers of stain to loosen them up enough to get washed off. We also have to plastic off areas we don't want the product washing down on, like Cultured stone. 

Log Repair or Replace:

Now this is a big deal. You can't have your logs rotting. Full log homes need them for structure, half log homes need them for security and efficiency. If they have started rotting, they will not stop unless it stops raining... forever. When a homeowner calls us and says they have a "soft or squishy" log...there are probably a few more. This is usually caused by caulk/chink failing but there are more reasons. We don't just fix or replace the rot, we stop the reason why they started rotting in the first place. We don't want to just put a bandaid on things. So please don't ask us. We have had our fill of fixing other contractors bandaids. Due to the nature of the log repair, sometimes 8ft of rot seen on the surface turns out to be 16ft after we open things up. At that time we make sure we inform you of the discovery so you can make a decision, and it is also the reason why we only quote Time and Material for this scope of work. 


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