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Build Process Offerings

"We are in this together and believe that choosing the right partners is crucial for success. That's why we carefully select who we work with, ensuring that our values and goals align. We strive to build long-lasting relationships with our partners, based on trust, transparency, and mutual benefit."

Don't Ask for Cheap...
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Our BUILD only Phase process is best suited for clients who already have drawings and are ready to move forward with us for their project. We will take the drawings, estimate the project cost, and then move into a construction contract. We will then submit for permits, build the project, and get you your certificate of occupancy!

You are responsible for the look and performance of the home within the boundaries of the architecture. We are simply implementing your vision and will meet to discuss a few key points and goals prior to starting. 

Schedule/Payment plan:

1: Initial Meeting - We like to know your goals for the project. What is MOST important, Why are you doing it, what is it for, who will use it, what projects have you done before, who are your references of past contractors that have worked with you, how much are you willing to invest, and what is your timeline. 


2: Pre-Construction Agreement - If after our initial meeting we find that we will have a good working relationship, a initial Retainer of 1% of project estimated* will be required for us to put your project in the queue. This is non refundable and will be used to accumulate the costs to complete the project according to plans presented to us. Planning and Costing rate is $85/hr and will be billed against initial retainer. If project needs more time to plan and cost than initial retainer, further services will be invoiced to homeowner at that rate. This allows homeowner to have the flexibility to adjust project attributes to scale costs up or down once they see the total project cost. Though some time and money surprises (especially with nature) are unavoidable, we don't like surprises and plan to avoid them. 

*Initial Project Estimation is only a guess, actual costs calculated later. 

3: Build Contract - Once we have priced all the options you require and have established a project budget, the next step is to sign the Build Contract. This contract involves all the calculated down-payments due that are necessary for subcontractors to schedule and suppliers to order. The Timeline will also now begin to get established as move to the next stage...

4: Planning and Assembling the team - Some of this is done during the last few stages but now that price is agreed upon, we will finalize all qualified subcontractors that can and will assist us in the completion of your project. Some additional subcontracts or suppliers may down-payments at this point if they are new on the scene or finally nailed down. This Process may take alot of time for projects depending on the complexity, proximity, or timeframe of the project. If you want the best, you have to work in the balance so the next stage goes as smooth as possible...

5: Construction - How long is it going to take to complete my project? Great question! Ironically, the client actually answers that for us. As the sign near the top of this page indicates, you can pick two of the three options. If you want it fast and good, costs will be higher to bring more quality people in and persuade them to prioritize your project. Demanding fast and good work while complaining about every penny is a proven way to diminish relationships, deteriorate quality of work, and in many cases cost you more in the end. This guide was created to further educate clients on "what's down the road, just beyond the headlights" so they can ENJOY the process. You are an expert at your profession. You don't need to be an expert at this. We have you covered. 

6: Complete - We are done! Here it is! We have completed our final punch-list and are ready to hand you "the keys." A certificate of occupancy is awarded. How do you want the big reveal? How exciting!

Offer 1 - BUILD

Contract & Pricing



Planning - Assembling Team


Owners Drawings


Conceptual Contract

Design -Build 
Contract & Pre-Pricing



Initial Designs

Planning - Assembling Team


Prelim - 

Offer 3 - DESIGN - BUILD

Design Contract

Construction Contract & Pricing


Design Phase

Initial -
Prelim - Final

Planning - Assembling Team



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